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To Breathe Is Nearly A Radical Act Today

Imagine a weekend where we come together as a community to practice staying mindfully present, as well as explore what’s hard to experience in our times. Our vision to gather, pause, and practice as a community in the forest we’ve restored and regenerated has come true and we are growing with it!

Announcing Our October Great Reveal!

The Patch Awaken In Nature Daylong Retreat includes a 3-day, 2 night stay at our TreeHouse, two minutes from Patch.

You can now literally “awaken in nature” amongst a tiny forest, listening to the waterfall of the Florida aquifer wading pool; all while staying in an architectural wonder, the octagonal, 8-sided TreeHouse built of cedar, pine, flagstone, steel and glass.

Like the EightFold Path of Wisdom within the Buddhist tradition, this home creates a centered balance of living.

Suzanne Jewell, Your Resident Host

Our Chief Experience Officer will welcome you at Patch TreeHouse where she resides. She invites you for an overnight or weekend experience of slow living at the speed of Nature. You’ll learn one-on-one morning meditation practices, like walking amongst the trees, as well as digital disconnection exercises. Incorporating her time living as a Buddhist who took vows of refuge during Covid, she’ll help you find ease, grounding and reconnection during these tough times.

Sit In The Circle Of Light

Watch Stars From Inside The Glass Oculus Roof

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Regenerate In Our Ecosystem

Wake, walk & write on our Meditation path & benches.
Attend the Opening Fire Ceremony in our 8FoldPath Fire Circle.
Experience the Florida aquifer waterfall for our Water Ceremony
Participate in the Awaken In Nature Saturday Daylong retreat
Dine Friday & Saturday with Chef Udenie of Mindfull Eats
Wake Sunday for a Forest Walk with horses
Close with a Brunch at Patch’s Pop-Up cafe


Two Options To Experience Our Signature Retreat
Stay For The Day
Awaken In Nature Retreat
A Mindful Community Experience
Saturday, October 21st
8am - 4pm
Patch of Heaven Sanctuary
Insight meditation style daylong experience (silence optional)
Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Guidance
Mindful Pocket Park, Casa Mariposa, & the Land of Patch
Meditation, movement, insight, contemplation & Ecodharma talk
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Stay for The Weekend
Patch TreeHouse Weekend 
A Mindful Small Group Experience
Friday, October 20th to
Sunday, October 22nd
Patch TreeHouse & Patch 
Friday evening Mindfull Eats dinner & Fire Ceremony
Saturday Awaken In Nature Daylong Insight Retreat
Saturday evening Mindfull Eats dinner & Water Ceremony
Sunday AM Forest Horse Walk @ Sunrise
Sunday Brunch @ Patch's Pop-up Cafe
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Awaken In Nature Retreat

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Awaken in Nature Daylong Mindfulness Retreat
Saturday, October 21, 8am - 5pm Patch of Heaven Sanctuary
Patch’s Signature Series of Daylong Retreats that have launched a nature-based mindfulness movement in South Florida; we celebrate the seasons and hold this event in Winter (Jan), Spring, (Apr), Summer (Jul) and Autumn (Oct).

Led by our certified mindfulness teacher and Chief Experience Officer Suzanne Jewell, with our Mindful Nature Educator Carolina Williams, these experiences reconnect you across the three relationships of the Life Force.

We at Patch offer refuge to all living beings, from trees, bees, butterflies, bats, birds and we humans. We recognize the crises of today stems from our disconnection in how we relate or have “AYNI”, known as Right Relationship in indigenous wisdom, with these 3 Points of Power.

Let the Nature Pill practices you learn here help heal how we relate and connect.
Lite Bite Healthy Breakfast
Fresh brewed cacao tea from the land
Journal & heartstone (to keep)
Yoga mat & meditation cushion (for the day)
Trained & certified teachers to lead/guide your deep experience
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Connection To Self
Many of us are experiencing mental challenges of overwhelm, burnout & anxiety. Our coping tools might create distance between our actual experience and the heart we so long to express in the world.
Connection To Others
Collectively we’re in the throes of a loneliness epidemic, yet have digital devices we touch more than those we love each day. Finding healing, soothing, safe spaces in relationship is needed now as an antidote to these challenging chapters on Earth.
Connection To Nature
More humans live in urban centers than green ones for the 1st time in history. Many suffer from “Nature Deficit Disorder” and miss the benefits of taking The Nature Pill, yet are nourished and calmed, replenished and rested when we do.

Patch TreeHouse Weekend

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Stay For The Weekend
Patch TreeHouse Overnight
Friday, October 20- Sunday, October 22
When you choose to be a participant in one of the first small group experiences to kick-off our Patch TreeHouse Weekend, you’ll find yourself stepping away from the concrete core of the city and dropping into the slow living rhythm of the Redland Agricultural Area. Unique in the county and the world for the variety of fruits and vegetables grown on the land, everything feels more present, alive and awake when you step away to pause in this way.

Your weekend experience at the TreeHouse is the bookend from Friday to Sunday situated around the central experience of our Signature Series Awaken In Nature Daylong Mindfulness retreat from 8am to 4pm. We are offering this way to stay the weekend because so many of our past daylong retreat ants wished to stay at Patch. So just two minutes south on the beauty road of tree canopy that takes you through the Castellow Hammock, you will check into the TreeHouse.

We’ll have homemade meals both evenings courtesy of Mindfull Eats chef Udenie Wickramasinghe followed by a Fire Ceremony (Friday) and a Water Ceremony (Saturday). Sunday morning awakens you with a walk in the woods for a Mindful Equine Experience and optional brunch at the Pop-up Cafe at Patch. The neighbors of the TreeHouse down the block include the monastic community of the Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple; you can walk or jump on a bicycle to meet them and tour their magnificent temple.

We will stay in shared accommodations with our team and Chief Experience Officer, Suzanne Jewell, welcoming you to pause, walk an intentional eightfold path of wise living, and create a new way to get away.
Friday evening Mindfull Eats dinner & Fire Ceremony
Saturday Awaken In Nature Daylong Insight Retreat
Saturday evening Mindfull Eats dinner & Water Ceremony
Yoga mat & meditation cushion (for the day)
Sunday AM Forest Horse Walk @ Sunrise
Sunday Brunch @Teahouse in Cauley Square
Walk & Sit in the Four Directions Meditation Path
Deepen your retreat “time away” from the City
Make new conscious connections
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Meet Your Hosts

Suzanne Jewell
Chief Experience Officer at Patch of Heaven Sanctuary and a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. Suzanne is former global TV marketing expert, corporate Mindful Leadership, Executive Resilience and Start-up Coach.
Carolina Williams
As Patch’a Mindful Nature Educator, Carolina Williams is Certified Mindfulness Teacher and a seasoned educator with two Master Degrees in Bilingual Education and Gifted & Talented Education.
Nicole Level
Patch’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Nicole is a seasoned climate advocate with extensive experience in environmental non-profits and political campaigns, notably for Mayor Daniella Levine Cava.
Udenie Wickramasinghe
Udenie Wickramasinghe is the creator of Mindful Eats Table, a vegan/vegetarian cooking service for private clients.
Anamargret Sanchez
Highly sought-after yoga teacher Anamargret Sanchez, founder of the 14-year “beneath the oak trees” Legion Park Community Yoga class brings her decades of dedication as a student and teacher of the yoga tradition

Sit In The Circle Of Light

Come to Sit. 
Stay to Breathe. 
Heal Here Now.

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“What if our religion was each other? If our practice was our life? What if the temple was the Earth? If forests were our church? If holy water - the rivers, lakes, and oceans? What if meditation was our relationships? If the Teacher was life? If wisdom was knowledge? If love was the center of our being?”
Ganga White