Guided Wellness Walks

Our Guided Wellness Walks are designed to boost your team's creativity, promote relaxation, and strengthen connections among your organization's members.

Elevate Your Team's Potential in Nature's Classroom!

Do you and your team need a mini-retreat?

Getting outside with your team for relaxation and rejuvenation can work wonders for creativity, calm and connection. 

The practices you’ll learn and take home include the science of Awe and the grounded breath. For mindful transformation specific to professional growth, Nature is the teacher, like the lessons from the butterfly that unfolds through metamorphosis.

Our Chief Experience Officer works directly with small team experiences to guide you and your team for a 90-minute Wellness Walk at Patch. Choose from the Mindful Pocket Park nature-based mindfulness experience and training or a meandering forest therapy immersion. Group rates, inquire at this link for your bespoke wellness walk at Patch.

Guided Wellness Walks

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