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Heaven Sanctuary

Experience old growth tropical hammocks, peaceful paths, historic structures and native habitat in this 20-acre nature preserve. Please join us in preserving and expanding the forest, and protecting the local wildlife for the benefit of all.
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Zen Garden
The Zen Garden is located past the patio area and it is our most unique area with both high and low pathways. To enter you must cross over a keystone bridge to a small island platform surrounded by water with koi swimming around you. Walking further into the garden, you pass a deep sunken grotto which is accessible by large-scale steps leading 12 feet below the surrounding terrain.

Continuing on the path you descend into a pathway surrounded with native ferns on both sides of the passageway.

Eventually, you come up to where the water ends with an overlooking statue.

Turning to the left you find a circular pond surrounded by a low wall with a bench guarded by two foo dogs.
The Koi Pond
Shimmering Water And Brightly Colored Koi
That's what you'll find as you follow the keystone path that leads to the tropical garden area with a 16 foot deep, large koi pond which was sculpted from a portion of the original pasture area. Surrounding the koi pond are paths that lead out to different areas of the gardens.

The design, plant selection, placement and installations of all the gardens were actualized through the dedicated efforts of our two degreed horticulturists, Fred Hubbard and Roberto Delcid.

The gardens speak for themselves and are best appreciated in person, as no words can adequately express what one will experience by actually visiting them.
The Joglo
A one-of-a-kind Javanese house that is found in remote villages throughout Indonesia, is situated in the hammock forest area behind the wood cabin. Most joglos are at least 100 years old and are made from durable teak wood featuring intricate and beautifully hand carved details in the ceiling.

The floor is elevated and unlike modern structures which are pounded together with nails, brackets and toxic adhesives, Joglos are fit together like giant jigsaw puzzles without any nails or screws.

The area surrounding the Joglo has been designed as an area of serenity and reflection. The Joglo is unique in that it is roofed over using the original roof support structures imported from Bali.

The Joglo is elevated because according to Javanese philosophy, to get to the top (or achieve success), you have to start from the bottom.
The Patio & Bar
Indoor Comfort In An Outdoor Setting
Located in the center of the property, the covered patio area offers a shady, rustic and serene gathering space that is large enough to hold many guest, yet cozy enough for a small, private dinner.

The furniture is all wood, with unique decorative pieces dotting the various walls. The long bar allows for regular bar use or can be set up for food demonstrations and other types of activities. This is where we often hold food tastings and events.
The Friesian Horse Barn
It All Started With The Knights In Shining Armor...
Friesian horses are an ancient breed that was used in medieval times by knights in armor. These beauties live in an upscale horse barn specifically designed to house them. The barn is available for special events.

Not Just A Barn

The recently constructed barn is a majestic yet rustic structure that transports visitors to another time. The classical hacienda design is inviting and friendly. Visitors enter into a reception area that leads into the inner structure where they can find the horses, carriage and private rooms for event use.

Inside The Barn

Several unique spaces are available for use, including dressing rooms for a bride, a groom and their wedding parties.

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